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That famous work ethic

It's funny, how the things that we've been told about an american professional working environment are mostly turning out to be true. 

1. There is no such thing as a 'stupid question'. At the beginning I was held back by my previous experience being that asking a question at class would result in my peers' muffled sighs and exasparated looks at the clock. But after a week or so here,  I quickly fell into the pattern of being able to discuss any of my ideas, questions and comments with my supervisor regarding the topic of our research. 

2. You'll be expected to start actual work and take up your responsibilities quickly. After less then 4 weeks at the lab my supervisor left for a conference abroad, leaving me with serious amount of work. It gave me the oppurtunity to prove my newly acquired skills in experimenting and demonstrating my results upon his return. 

3. No one does teamwork like Americans. Carrying out carefully orchestrated experiments where multiple venues and species are involved would not be possible without everyone doing his/her clearly determined part in the project ensuring the optimal process of the experiment.

4. You are likely to get a lot of positive feedback and reinforcement. The moment, when the head of our lab (a widely acknowledged researcher at her field, responsible for multiple projects, yet a nice and approachable person) came to me and thanked me the job I'd done with the cells for one of our major experiments, I'm not likely to forget.